It’s normal to have elderly relatives who need a little more care. The question is how to provide them with the right care and find a list of reliable dementia care homes in Leicester.

Did you know there are certain government funding schemes to accommodate old patients in care homes? You may be able to get some help with paying for long-term care in a residential or nursing home, depending on how much money you have and where you live in the UK. The local council or the NHS may offer partial or full financial support.

It’s a fifty-fifty chance that you’ll have to pay for your own care, as half of the care home residents do. The other half get their care funded by their local authority.

Just like finding a good Alzheimer’s care home for your loved one is important, planning a budget is also crucial. Orchard Manor View is arguably the best carehome 2022 in UK for dementia.

Today, let’s talk about some funding schemes and how to plan for your loved ones’ stay at dementia care homes in Leicester.

Types Of Care Homes In Leicester To Choose From

There are many dementia care homes in Leicester that cater for elderly people with different needs, such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Here are some examples of the types of care homes you can find in Leicester.

These are care homes that provide personal care and support for older adults who need assistance with daily activities, such as washing, dressing and eating. They do not offer nursing care, but they may have staff trained in Dementia or Alzheimer’s care. Orchard Manor View is an example of a premium residential dementia care home in Leicester.

These are care homes that provide personal care and support as well as nursing care for elderly people with complex health needs, such as wounds, infections or chronic conditions. They have qualified nurses on duty 24 hours a day and may also have staff trained in Dementia or Alzheimer’s care.

These are care homes that specialise in caring for elderly people who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s. They provide personal care and support, as well as nursing care if needed, but they also offer a stimulating and safe environment designed to meet the needs of people with memory loss. They may have features such as colour-coded corridors, memory boxes, sensory rooms, and reminiscence activities. You can find the same facilities at Orchard Manor View.

These are dementia care homes in Leicester that accommodate elderly couples who want to stay together in the same room or apartment. They provide personal care and support, as well as nursing care if needed, but they also respect the privacy and intimacy of the couples. They may have double beds, en-suite bathrooms, kitchenettes, and living areas.

What Options Do Dementia Care Homes In Leicester Offer?

The first step is to get a care needs assessment from your local council. This is free and will help you or your loved one find out how much support you need.

If the assessment shows that you or your loved one needs care, the council will do a financial assessment (also known as a means test). This is also free and will determine how much financial help you can get, depending on your income and capital (based on the above numbers).

The value of your property is usually counted in this means test. However, there are some situations where it won’t be counted, such as if you need care to stay in your own home.

Here are the three types of funding plans:

NHS Funding

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you may be able to get some help paying for nursing home fees if you need nursing care and pay for it yourself.

The NHS will plan and pay for your care through NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) in this case. Your care homestay will be free then. The NHS must get a referral from your local council if they think you can get this.

If you can’t get NHS CHC but still need nursing care, the NHS may pay some of your nursing fees straight to the home. This is called NHS-Funded Nursing Care (NHS FNC).

Local Authority Funding

If you can get some help paying for care home costs, your local council will pay for part or all of your care fees, as they found out from the previously discussed means test.

When you can get help from the state, benefits like your State Pension or Private Pension will still be used to help pay for your care. But, you’ll also get some money every week – a Personal Expenses Allowance. This must be at least £25.65 a week, but it’ll change depending on where you live in the UK and your local council.

Self Funding

When paying for your own care, there are several different ways to pay for your care, such as

Something to know is that people who pay for their own care who have reached the State Pension age and need a lot of care and support can get Attendance Allowance. Through this benefit, you’ll either get £68.10 or £101.75 a week, depending on your needs.

Procedure Of Payment & Arrangement Of Dementia Care Homes In Leicester

If the local council agrees to pay for some or all of your or your loved one’s care, you’ll get a personal budget. This budget and how much it is will be decided when the council makes a care plan with you.

This personal budget must be enough to pay for at least one good traditional type of care, like an Indian care home.

If you want to live in a more costly care home than the one(s) chosen, your local authority may still pay for part of it as long as a third party (such as a family member or friend) pays the rest. This is called a top-up fee.

Your personal budget can be set up in three different ways. Sometimes, you can choose a mix of these three options:

Try Orchard Manor View For The Best Care

Orchard Manor View is one of the most advanced, highly-rated dementia care homes in Leicester, ranked in the top 20 of the region’s aged care facilities.

A highly skilled staff member will always honour your right to be treated as an individual. At Orchard Manor View, our residents have access to a wide range of excellent amenities, such as spacious, luxurious rooms (some designed especially for couples), nice outdoor spaces, medical support, delicious food and care tailored to the individual.

Our community offers its residents various services and amenities, including access to a library, special outings, hair, beauty, relaxation services, and much more.

So, if you’re looking for effective “small care homes near me”, trust Orchard Manor for the best care for your loved ones!

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