Cancer Care At Our Elderly Care Home

As the loved one of someone diagnosed with cancer, it’s very difficult to provide the right type of support; this is because we often go into a mode of wanting to “fix everything”.

Specialist in-home cancer care across Leicester

The best thing you can do for your loved one is to focus on getting them the specialist care they will need as the condition progresses.

At Orchard Manor View in Leicester, we have a dedicated team providing exceptional care for those living with cancer. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Specialist cancer care

The primary goal of Orchard Manor View specialist cancer care is to help the individual and his/her family to maintain the highest quality of life in the final stages of the illness. Your loved one will want to spend their final days in as much comfort as is possible.

Our specialist cancer care team will provide the care and support your loved one needs in the comfort of their very own home. This will help them to live their remaining days with peace and dignity.

A caring team for your loved one

During the final days it is extremely important for your loved one that we focus on managing pain and other symptoms of the illness, rather than providing treatment for the illness itself. Emotional support for the individual and their family is also provided.

When you choose Orchard Manor View, we look to establish a team dynamic throughout this difficult time. The team may consist: